Sanitizer & Disinfectant

Providing immediate destruction of micro-organisms, as well as lasting protection and inhibition.

Nanocare® Multipurpose Sanitizer & Surface Disinfectant

Apply Nanocare® to risk surfaces in your home, office/business (including as part of CIP protocol) and car and use as a hand sanitizer to provide immediate and lasting protection against harmful microbes (including bacteria and viruses) for you, your family, staff and customers.

Application – Spray or fog on all surfaces and directly to skin and allow to dry. Re-apply after washing of skin/surfaces.
Nanocare® contains not 1 but 2 effective microbicidal agents combined to be effective in 2 ways.

Immediately on application the Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) in Nanocare® destroys micro-organisms at a microbicidal at 99.999% kill rate.

After the HOCL has evaporated the AgNP dotted molecules remain present on surfaces and continue to destroy micro-organisms at a microbicidal level for 90 days after application at a kill rate of 99.99%

Long Lasting 90 Day Protection

Our formula does not contain hazardous chemicals and kills 99.999% of germs, viruses and bacteria - best of all, it gives you 90 day peace of mind with its ongoing, long lasting protection!